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Your Active Plus assessment is  designed to give you a full picture of the health of your body without the need for any blood tests.

The assessment includes checks which examine your fitness level, muscle strength and cardiovascular health to give you an insight into your core health without a blood test.



For just €159 your Active Plus Package includes:
Full Body Composition Analysis


Body Fat %

Visceral Fat %

Total Body Water %


Muscle Mass

Basal metabolic rate (how many calories your body needs to burn per day to maintain your weight)

Metabolic Age

Stroke Risk, Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Artery check for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and stroke risk*

Blood pressure check for hypertension

Heart disease risk assessment

Specialist Cardiac Heart Rhythm (ECG)


Strength and Stamina

Muscle strength test

Fitness assessment (using a step-test)

Follow-up Report

Personal Health Report (at least 16 pages long) explained without excessive medical jargon

Simple traffic light system to flag potential issues

*This test is only suitable for the over 40s


Call us today on
1800 939 140

Lines are open 24/7.  Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

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