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Our testosterone home test kit helps you understand the level of testosterone in your blood. If your body has low levels, you may experience symptoms including loss of strength, reduced sex drive, low sperm counts, erectile dysfunction and enlarged breasts.


This test enables you to find out whether you have the recommended level of testosterone.

Find out what the testosterone home test kit includes.


Testosterone is the major sex hormone in males, and has an important role in producing sperm, maintenance of bone mass, muscle mass, and libido. The level of testosterone begins to decline gradually after the age of 30, however abnormally low levels can result in a reduced sex drive, loss of strength, erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts and enlarged breasts.

The testosterone home test kit measures the level of the hormone in blood to determine whether it is within the recommended range for men.

What is a Testosterone test?


The testosterone test involves taking a small sample of blood to measure the levels of testosterone present. It may be useful to check levels of testosterone if you are experiencing any symptoms of low testosterone.

Our testosterone home test kit is a convenient method of assessing your testosterone health, taken from the comfort of your own home and with minimal preparation needed. Once the blood sample is received by the lab, results are available within just 8 days.

What is included in a Testosterone test?


The testosterone test kit includes:

  • 1x finger prick kit and blood collection vials

  • 1x set of instructions

  • 1x pre-paid, Royal Mail tracked service self-adhesive label

  • Results processed by a UKAS/CPA accredited laboratory within 8 days

  • Access to your detailed results online via your My Wellness account

  • Access to a 24/7 GP Helpline for one year


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*This test is not suitable for under 40s

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