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Our active vitamin B12 home test kit helps you keep track of your body's amount of active vitamin B12.


Low levels of the vitamin can be associated with certain types of diet and autoimmune conditions.


This test measures whether your body contains the optimum level of vitamin B12 for enabling your nervous system to function.

Find out what the test includes.


Vitamin B12 plays an important role in keeping blood cells and the body’s nervous system healthy. It is obtained only through the consumption of certain animal-based foods such as dairy, meat and fish. This means that people who practice a vegetarian or vegan diet have a higher risk of a deficiency in vitamin B12. Other groups with a heightened risk include women, adults over 50 years, and people with autoimmune conditions such as Graves’ disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

The vitamin B12 test is available for all adults, and may be particularly helpful for people who have a higher risk of deficiency due to diet or medical conditions previously mentioned.

What is an Active Vitamin B12 test?


There are two distinct types of vitamin B12 – ‘active’ and ‘inactive’. The body is able to utilise the active form of vitamin B12, whereas it cannot use the inactive form. This means that it is important for the test to measure only the amount of active vitamin B12, since the presence of inactive B12 could prevent an accurate result. The test involves collecting a small sample of blood in a vial, and can be completed from the comfort of home. The test requires minimal preparation, with results available within a few days. The sample can be returned via post once the test is complete.

What is included in an Active Vitamin B12 test?


The active vitamin B12 test kit includes:

  • 1x finger prick kit and blood collection vials

  • 1x set of instructions

  • 1x pre-paid, Royal Mail tracked service self-adhesive label

  • Results processed by a UKAS/CPA accredited laboratory within 8 days

  • Access to your detailed results online via your My Wellness account

  • Access to a 24/7 GP Helpline for one year


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*This test is not suitable for under 40s

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